A Garden Of Dainty Delights

– Tunes From The Olden Times –

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been working with
Gary Coover on a collection of older music for
the Anglo concertina, which we hope will be pub-
lished within the next few months.

The tunes come from a variety of sources and
my arrangements have been carefully notated
using the notation system devised by Gary,
that has proved very popular amongst Anglo

To accompany the book, I have recorded a video
for each of the 44 tunes and a playlist of
these will appear here soon.

The book  will be available via Amazon and other
retailers, as well as via Gary and myself.

I’ve been playing the concertina and
other free-reed instruments for most of
my adult life, but for the last 10 years,
I’ve concentrated solely on the anglo
I play in the duo Dapper’s Delight and
regularly give lessons at the annual German
Concertina Meeting.
In the future, I intend to expand this
part of my website to include more of my
concertina-related activities.
Below is a video of a Philip Van Wilder
Fantasia played on a Baritone anglo